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The Story Of Shop ATV ESCAPE

The ATV ESCAPE story really begins in 2005 with the purchase of my first ATV, though my off road obsession can be traced back further. I was raised in a very outdoors family, with my first off road experience happening when I was a month old on the top of Engineer Pass in Colorado. Almost every Summer growing up we hit the roads in the mountains of Colorado, while the rest of the year was spent crawling over the Texas Hill Country. I remember I was the kid who loved playing with Tonka trucks, creating all sorts of obstacles to go over. I love to off road.


In 2005 I bought my first ATV which was a 2005 Polaris Sportsman 800. You might say I instantly became “hooked” on ATVing. I lived for the weekends so I could explore trails, and enjoy the outdoors. I worked hard to find local places to ride, and chronicled my experiences so others would find places to ride and know what to expect. Through that ATV ESCAPE was born. Quickly I found that there was not a good source on the internet to not only read about the sport, but also find places to ride around the U.S. I set out to do just that. I worked to compile a giant list of places to ride around the U.S. and chronicle my adventures. Then I began covering the ATV and now UTV industry with articles including the news, and writing reviews on ATVs I would ride.

ATV ESCAPE Mobile Apps

When the iPhone came out I knew something special had come to the mainstream, and I set out to build an all-inclusive mobile app that would not only locate places to ride, events, and offers across the U.S., but also provide industry news, reviews, adventures, photos, and videos all for free. From that the ATV ESCAPE mobile apps were born.


Next was creating a digital magazine. ATV & UTV ESCAPE Magazine was born with every issue free. You can subscribe for free below. Every issue is packed with reviews, news, adventures, and resources to help you enjoy the sport of ATVs and UTVs to the fullest.

Now the time has come to create the next piece of ATV ESCAPE, which is Shop ATV ESCAPE. This will include individual stores based upon the ATVs and UTVs. Not only will you be able to easily find products for your particular ATV and UTV, but also news, reviews, articles, and even communities revolving around your specific ATV and UTV. We will be constantly opening new machine-specific stores, and adding new products moving forward, so check back often. I want to help you find exactly what you are looking for to make your ATV and UTV off-roading experiences even more enjoyable, while offering you excellent customer service.

Shop ATV ESCAPE mobile app

Soon, we are also releasing the Shop ATV ESCAPE mobile apps, where you can easily shop for products that fit your specific ATV or UTV. Our hope is that it will be your "personal shopper" for your ATV and UTV. You will also be able to save your machine so you can come back to shop easily for your ATV or UTV. We have big plans for this app making it your one stop shop for ATV and UTV products.


To say we at ATV ESCAPE are just getting started would be an understatement! We have several more plans to provide products and services that help you enjoy this amazing sport. So “Gear Up & Head Out”!


Josh Arnold

Mad Scientist, Founder, President