1. 2023 Viking Models Breakdown- Anything New?

    2023 Yamaha Viking Models Breakdown- Anything New?

    Introduced in 2014 the Yamaha Viking has been Yamaha’s utility workhorse for now 9 years. Does 2023 see any changes or updates to the Viking? Well, simply put the answer is no. Once again the Viking lineup carries over into 2023 with no real changes other than colors. Here is what you need to know.

    What You Need To Know

    • There are no changes or updates for 2023. The Viking and Viking VI comes in two trim levels including a base EPS version and then a loaded R
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  2. 2021 Yamaha Viking Walk-Around Video- Dirt Trax TV

    2021 Yamaha Viking Walk-Around Video From Dirt Trax TV

    Since 2014 the Yamaha Viking has been Yamaha's utility side-by-side having a focus on getting the work done. A big cargo bed, room for three each with their own bucket seat, a roomy cab, all of Yamaha's side-by-side tech, and a 686cc single-cylinder engine. A good combo, but maybe it's time for a refresh? AJ with Dirt Trax TV shows us around the 2021 Yamaha Viking in this walkaround video.

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