Polaris RZR Pro R Extreme Performance Review Video- Dirt Trax TV

In February of 2022 a new undisputed most powerful side-by-side was crowned with the introduction of the Polaris Pro R. At 225 horsepower, 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine, 24.5-inches of travel, FOX LIVE VALVE shocks, and all kinds of durablilty and technology this RZR is THE beast. If you want the fastest, most capable, and priciest sport side-by-side on the planet then this is your RZR. That said, how is it really, and how does this RZR really perform? Is it worth all the hype? Our friend Luke Lester over at Dirt Trax TV take us down through what it is like to drive this incredible side-by-side, and how it really performs.