Polaris Adds New "PASS" Security System

Protecting your expensive ATV or side-by-side is a pretty important thing right? You should see how many cables and locks are put on our machines when we go on trips! Polaris recently released what it is calling its "PASS" security system on the RZR Pro XP lineup that hopefully will be available on all of its vehicles in the future. You simply use a four-digit PIN in order to start your RZR Pro XP. To start the engine put the key into the ignition and turn it to the "on" position. Then on the Ride Command screen or the gauge on the dash, type in your PIN, and turn the key to start the engine. Pretty simple right? Dealers can help you set the PASS system up on a new model or on any 2021+ RZR Pro XP. We think this is a great play for Polaris as a layer of security on these vehicles is pretty important. Hopefully other manufacturers will prioritize security on their models also. We do have some questions on the PASS system like can you enable and disable it. We have reached out for the answer on this, so when we know you will know. 

Polaris PASS Security System On RZR Pro XP & Pro XP 4