2023 Polaris RZR Pro R Ultimate

RZR Pro R Ultimate


Stealth Black

What You Want To Know

  • 225 HP 1997cc 4-Stroke DOHC Inline Four Cylinder Engine
  • 16" Ground Clearance
  • 22.25" Front & 24.5" Rear Travel
  • 74" Wide

Package Includes

  • DYNAMIX DV with 4 Selectable Ride Modes
  • RIDE COMMAND Technology integrated into a 7" Display, Rear Camera
  • Rockford Fosgate Stage 2 Audio
  • FOX X2 Live Valve 3" Shocks
  • Telescoping Steering Wheel & Button Controls
  • Aluminum Roof
  • Retractable 6-pt Harness
  • Full Doors
  • 3 Years of Connected Vehicle Services, RIDE COMMAND+
  • 29" Usable Travel
  • MaxLink Suspension
  • 32" Tires and Aluminum 5-lug Wheels


Revolutionary Power. Incredible Strength.

Built for the most demanding drivers, RZR Pro R leads the way in power, strength and control. It puts you in charge of the biggest factory engine ever dropped into a side-by-side and gives you the confidence and control to make the most of it.

Take it to the next level with a 74" machine featuring 225 HP, Pro R delivers revolutionary power and incredible strength. Check with your local dealer for available inventory.

An Absolute Game Changer

Rewriting the rules of side-by-side performance isn't about making one thing better, it’s about challenging everything. When you take the wheel of RZR Pro R, you're literally surrounded by off-road innovation.


The industry's first 2.0L engine is a naturally-aspirated beast that delivers an astounding 225 horses of ultra-responsive power.


With a welded one-piece cage, solid box chassis, stronger driveline and the biggest belt we've ever made, RZR Pro R is made for the toughest terrain.


From the innovative geometry up front to the massive 29" of usable travel in back, the all-new MaxLink suspension puts you in total control.

New ProStar Fury 2.0 L

This is the kind of power you've been dreaming of - two liters, four cylinders, 16 valves and 225 horses. All perfectly optimized for desert performance with a naturally aspirated design that's cooler running, balanced and reliable.

Strongest RZR Ever

The desert delivers a pounding. RZR Pro R is made to take it. It's got the strongest cage and stoutest chassis ever found on a RZR. A strengthened driveline and stamped steel A-arms are strategically reinforced where it matters most.

New MaxLink Suspension

When you set out to tame the desert, it helps to have the strongest, smartest suspension ever developed by Polaris. Stamped steel construction, innovative geometry and a massive 29" of useable travel all work together for unprecedented confidence and control.

Industry-Leading RIDE COMMAND

Touchscreen tech lets you wirelessly stream music, receive call and text alerts, and take control of the off-road's most sophisticated GPS. You can share routes in advance, track your group as they spread out, or blaze a digital trail for friends to follow.


RIDE COMMAND+ comes pre-installed on the RZR Pro R Ultimate or is available with the purchase of an accessory add-on for the RZR Pro R Premium. Unlock the next level in vehicle connectivity, including remote vehicle location services, vehicle health monitoring and more.

Driver Centric Design

To drive like you mean it, you need everything right where it should be. Pro R lets you dial in your perfect driving position, from fully reclined to comfortably upright and the tilting, telescoping steering wheel is always exactly where you want it.

Spacious Cockpit

While there’s nothing quite like being behind the wheel of RZR Pro R, sitting in any of the passenger seats is a close second. Whether you’re behind the wheel or in the passenger seat, RZR Pro R has the roomiest cockpit in the industry with more legroom, more shoulder room and better sightlines.

Leading Storage

With 5.4 gallons of purposeful storage for the drivers and passengers so everyone can pack what you need and be ready for anything.

Rockford Fosgate Audio

Every adventure deserves a soundtrack. Make sure everybody can hear yours with an exclusive Rockford Fosgate®, high-output sound system. It fills the cockpit with thumping sound that’s perfectly tuned for off-road enjoyment.


RZR Pro R is a powerful new breed of side-by-side. It has got the largest factory engine ever dropped into a performance machine and an exceptional capacity to power custom accessories.

The All-New ProStar Fury 2.0 Engine

As the saying goes "there's no replacement for displacement." The industry's first 2.0L delivers desert dominating performance that's cooler running, balanced and reliable.

Throttle Control Modes

This is an engine that does what you tell it. Throttle response is instantaneous and pedal mapping is up to you with selectable drive modes for sport cruising, rock crawling and flat out flying.

More Accessory Power

Accessories are power hungry. RZR Pro R makes it easy to feed them. There's a 1,700 watt, belt-driven alternator, auxiliary battery and 6-position bus bar for plug and play convenience.


RZR pioneered the sport of side-by-side performance. Nobody's covered more miles of dune and desert terrain or knows more about building a machine to endure it.

MaxLink Suspension

The first factory suspension with a fully boxed design, MaxLink uses strategically reinforced, stamped steel construction for added strength.

Our Strongest Chassis & Cage

An all-new chassis delivers a 2x increase in torsional stiffness. The welded one-piece cage is built from 2" tubing and uses tapered joints for added strength where it joins the chassis.

A Desert-Born CVT

RZR Pro R's CVT is built to endure the toughest environments. It uses a wider, longer belt, bigger clutches and better airflow to deliver the longest belt life ever seen on a RZR.


Outrageous power demands exceptional control. RZR Pro R delivers, with the widest stance, longest wheelbase, strongest suspension and four groundbreaking, new ride and handling modes.

The Most Advanced Suspension Control

DYNAMIX DV is the next generation of the off-road’s most advanced suspension control ever developed by Polaris. Gathering data over 200 times per second and automatically adjusting each shock to firmly planted. It's the only system smart enough to independently control compression and rebound and offers a more optimized ride and handling modes so you can change on the fly.


The industry's most sophisticated suspension controller independently adjusts compression and rebound to keep RZR Pro R firmly planted on even the most extreme terrain.

Revolutionary Ride and Handling Modes

Selectable ride and handling modes allow you to tune performance on the fly, instantly optimizing shock damping and steering feel for whatever the desert puts in your path.

Baja Mode

Coming up on gnarly whoops run? Use Baja mode to get a true trophy truck feel, with high dynamic ride height, increased shock isolation, and a nose-high pitch to help you float from crest to crest. It's the perfect set-up for when you want to hit it hard on the toughest terrain.

Rock Mode

When it's time to crawl, Rock mode gives you the clearance and control to tackle the steep and deep. High compression damping maximizes ride height while low-speed angle damping improves pitch and roll stability, making sure RZR Pro R is always leaning into whatever you're trying to get up or over.

Track Mode

Power steering is set for increased steering input providing you with an immediate connection to the terrain, while the low flat stance is perfectly set up for twisty trails & desert hardpack.

Comfort Mode

If you're touring with the family or sightseeing with friends, then you want the ultra-plush ride of Comfort mode. It lowers compression and rebound damping to maximize passenger comfort and turns up the power assist for effortless steering when you're out for a cruise.

Ultra-Stable Stance

RZR Pro R's industry-leading 74" stance and 133.5" wheelbase create a rock-solid platform that lets you take full advantage of the 16" ground clearance and 29" of usable travel.


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