Viper Winch Wireless Remote Powering On Guide

One of the helpful and "cool" things about about modern winches is the ability to have a wireless remote to operate a winch. This means you are not limited to a cabled remote or having to be in the vehicle to operate the winch. The Viper Elite winches come standard with that capability, and this feature can be added to other Viper winches. One thing to note is that the Viper winch wireless remote receiver is not powered on all the time, so you must "wake it up" when you are ready to use the wireless remote. To do that, follow these instructions

  1. Hold down both buttons on the remote for 5 seconds.
  2. Hold down the "In" button down for 3 seconds.
  3. Hold down the "Out" button down for 3 seconds.

This will turn on the wireless receiver, and now you are good to go and the Viper wireless remote will operate the Viper winch. Be aware that the Viper wireless receiver will turn back off automatically.

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