Can-Am 72 Hours King Of The Hammers Race Video Series

King Of The Hammers is truly an epic race. It is epic for the racers, it is epic for the teams, and it is epic for the fans. Boulders the size of a Volkswagen, vertical shelf drops longer than a side-by-side, open desert sections, and inclines and declines steep enough to see only ground or sky are all in store for those daring enough to race in the King Of The Hammers race. It is widely considered the most brutal race one-day race in the World. King Of The Hammers takes place every year in Johnson Valley, CA with tens of thousands of people inundating the desert pop-up town of “Hammertown” for the race. I have been to the King Of Hammers race and it was truly a lifetime experience on every way. Of all the things I witnessed that blew my mind, the race itself was life-changing. I did not know or even contemplate that side-by-sides could traverse and conquer the terrain that is the norm in King Of The Hammers race. It is a site to behold.

We like web series, we like Can-Am side-by-sides, and we like racing. So it is a natural progression that the web series from Can-Am 72 Hours would tickle our fancy. It is the story of Cody and Hunter Miller, members of the Can-Am racing family, taking on the King Of The Hammers race to see if the team can be on top of the podium when all the dust settles. We see inside their world to witness what their process is in the run-up to a race, who’s in their inner circle, what sacrifices they make and peel back the layers of why they do what they do. Going deeper than just behind the wheel, this warts n’ all, behind the scenes documentary exposes the stresses, teamwork dynamics, family commitments & the sheer obsession to detail it takes to be a champion in those crucial hours before their biggest career challenges. 

If you have ever wondered what it is like to do any kind of off-road racing including all that it entails, then no doubt you will enjoy the three-part series from Can-Am, 72 Hours.