On The Trail

  1. Off-Road Adventure Destination - Lake City, Colorado

    Adventure Destination- Lake City, Colorado

    In front of you is a choice. You can go left, right, forward, or backward because you are at a crossroads. Crossroads are a good thing in life. Crossroads, many times are the genesis of amazing things such as life-changing decisions, a “make it happen moment”, and, as legend has it, the birth of blues music. Nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado lies one such crossroad, where the off-road-loving-type find a small piece of heaven right here on earth. If you have never been to this cro

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  2. Can-Am Maverick X3 & Smart-Shox Technology

    Can-Am Maverick X3 & Smart-Shox Technology

    Can-Am gave us both a nice and needed surprise by announcing its 2021 lineup this week. After reading through the press release, sitting in on a video conference call, and getting some time to sleep on changes to the Can-Am lineup, one thing is clear. The 2021 “new” to the Can-Am lineup revolves around a new technology: Smart-Shox.

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