2023 Defender Models Breakdown- The Changes

Can-Am’s Defender family lineup grows a little bigger (yet again) with the 2023 models. Included in the 2023 Can-Am Defender models is the addition of a Defender and Defender MAX X mr model offering with half doors along with the base Defender and Defender MAX X mr models without half doors. These half doors are also available as an accessory with color accent panels (required but sold separately) that match Defender color options for a great look. 

DPS CAB, Limited, Lone Star, and X mr packages come with an improved suspension design for 2023. These improvements include a new sway bar design with increased diameter, thicker and enclosed upper a-arms, new shock calibration, increased travel from 10” to 12”, and improved overall robustness. These changes allow for up to 30” tires. Speaking of 30” tires, all Defender Limited HD10 and Lone Star HD10 models get 30” tires from the factory. 


What You Need To Know

  • New Defender & Defender MAX X mr with Half Door models
  • Improved suspension design on DPS CAB, Limited, Lone Star, & X mr packages with increased strength and travel.
  • New Desert Tan & Timeless Black color on the Defender Limited HD10


Defender Highlights

  • 3 Engines- HD7 Single-Cylinder 52 hp, HD9 V-Twin 65 hp, HD10 V-Twin 82 hp
  • Suspension Travel- 10-12 inches
  • Ground Clearance- 11-15 inches


2023 Can-Am Defender Limited Desert Tan & Limitless Black

Defender Limited in Desert Tan & Timeless Black

2023 Can-Am Defender Models


Defender HD7

Defender HD9

Defender DPS HD7

Defender DPS HD9

Defender DPS HD10

Defender XT HD9

Defender XT HD10

Defender DPS CAB HD9

Defender Limited HD10

Defender X MR HD10

Defender X MR With Half Doors HD10

Defender MAX HD7

Defender MAX HD9

Defender MAX DPS HD9

Defender MAX DPS HD10

Defender MAX XT HD9

Defender MAX XT HD10

Defender MAX Lone Star HD10

Defender MAX Lone Star CAB HD10

Defender MAX Limited HD10

Defender MAX X MR HD10

Defender MAX X MR With Half Doors HD10

Defender 6x6 DPS HD10

Defender 6x6 XT HD10

Defender 6x6 Limited HD10

Defender PRO DPS HD10

Defender PRO XT HD10

Defender PRO Limited HD10

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For more information about the Can-An Defender 2023 lineup checkout the Can-Am Defender Website