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Commander Reviews

  1. Commander MAX DPS 1000R Review- Dirt Trax TV

    Commander MAX DPS 1000R Review- Dirt Trax TV

    With all the focus these days on top of the line vehicle models with $40k pricetags, there is little focus put on entry-level trim models. With that said the "entry" level Can-Am Commander MAX DPS offers a lot of side-by-side for the money with power steering being the only real additional feature on the side-by-side, but the price tag comes in at $20,999. Luke with Dirt Trax TV dives into all the capability you get with this "base" level Commander MAX DPS along with a review of this side-by-side.

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  2. 2022 Can-Am Commander X MR Review Video- Dirt Trax

    2022 Can-Am Commander X MR Full Review- Dirt Trax TV

    Every vehicle family Can-Am produces comes complete with an X MR version which is outfitted to hit the deep mud holes whereever those can be found. The Can-Am Commander is not exception with a Commander X MR perfectly suited to those who want to get deeply dirty. Though we have not had a chance to climb into the cockpit of a new redesigned Commander X MR (or any redesigned Commander for that matter), the good news is Dirt Trax has, and they have put togther a review video about

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