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  1. You Bought A Side-By-Side: Now What? Common Side-By-Side Accessories For Your Vehicle

    You Bought A Side-By-Side: Now What? Common Side-By-Side Accessories For Your Vehicle

    You did it! You took the plunge and bought a new (or new to you) side-by-side. So what now? While many owners have their own list of the accessories to add to their rig, many new side-by-side owners may not know where to start. With so many options it can be overwhelming as to where to start. We have put a list together of the most common and equally important side-by-side accessories available to give you a place to start. Of course there are so many accessories to offer both to increase your side-by-side’s c

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  2. 2022 Can-Am Commander X MR Review Video- Dirt Trax

    2022 Can-Am Commander X MR Full Review- Dirt Trax TV

    Every vehicle family Can-Am produces comes complete with an X MR version which is outfitted to hit the deep mud holes whereever those can be found. The Can-Am Commander is not exception with a Commander X MR perfectly suited to those who want to get deeply dirty. Though we have not had a chance to climb into the cockpit of a new redesigned Commander X MR (or any redesigned Commander for that matter), the good news is Dirt Trax has, and they have put togther a review video about

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  3. Adventure Guide- Brimstone Recreation & Windrock Park, TN

    Adventure Guide- Brimstone Recreation & Windrock Park, TN

    Tennessee is home to some outstanding places to ride (and music of course), but it is not very close to many of us! Making the long drive to that part of the country must be rewarded with a bunch of trail-miles. The good news is, with a little planning, that is exactly what you will get. Brimstone Recreation and WindRock Park are a mere 48 measly miles apart, and, combined, they offer 92,000 acres and 600 miles of trails. That makes for a large area to explore—large enough to require more than o

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  4. 2021 Can-Am Commander Walk-Around Video By Dirt Trax TV

    New 2021 Can-Am Commander & Commander MAX

    One of the biggest surprises of 2021 so far was the introduction of a completely new 2021 Can-Am Commander. It was time for a completely new Commander considering not a thing had really changed since its introduction 10 years ago. While ground-breaking at the time, other competitors have crept in making it the elderly one in the rec/utility segment that it really created in 2010. Back in the "game" in a big way is this new Commander based upon the Maverick sport platform. We are working to get a

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  5. Adventure Guide- Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, WV

    Adventure Guide- Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, WV

    One of the great privileges of being a journalist in the ATV/UTV industry is the opportunity to ride in so many outstanding locations around our great United States. Of all the amazing trail systems available there is none better than the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System in West Virginia. I know, that is a bold statement to make, but it is true. Between the 1000+ miles of managed and maintained trails, the incredible scenery and terrain in the Appalachian Mountains, the ability to ride into the surrounding

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  6. UTV Roll Cage Sizes & Types

    Profile Roll Cage & Round Roll Cage

    There are quite a few different UTVs and side-by-sides out there with different types and sizes of roll cages. When choosing accessories that attach to the roll cage it is important to know the diameter of your side-by-side's roll cage. Below is a list of the most popular UTV make and models along with their respective roll cage diameters.

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  7. Off-Road Adventure Destination - Lake City, Colorado

    Adventure Destination- Lake City, Colorado

    In front of you is a choice. You can go left, right, forward, or backward because you are at a crossroads. Crossroads are a good thing in life. Crossroads, many times are the genesis of amazing things such as life-changing decisions, a “make it happen moment”, and, as legend has it, the birth of blues music. Nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado lies one such crossroad, where the off-road-loving-type find a small piece of heaven right here on earth. If you have never been to this crossroad, the

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  8. All New 2021 Can-Am Commander & Commander MAX

    All New 2021 Can-Am Commander & Commander MAX

    Ah, that new side-by-side smell! Can-Am reveled a completely new Can-Am Commander for 2021. By all accounts the Can-Am Commander introduced the rec/utility class of side-by-side back in 2010, but has been untouched by Can-Am since. The 2021 Commander marks a complete redesign from the ground up, and offers some class leading features in the process.

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